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Our vision at Pinches is to offer charities, groups, organisations and communities access to our tranquil retreat to help develop their own visions, aims and goals thanks to a variety of private sponsors and charitable donations (see Our Friends page).

Our main purpose is to provide a relaxing retreat to encourage respite, develop skills and ability through education and training, build confidence and self-esteem and promote new friendships in a safe inspiring environment.

Ingrebourne Valley Ltd has been granted planning permission to restore and remodel the land on behalf of Pinches Retreat. Soon 40 acres of beautiful landscapes will await your discovery.

We are also currently applying for a purpose-built Retreat building that, once completed, will enable you to do some of the following as listed below. Pinches Retreat will be available to the public, anyone on a private or corporate hire basis with all proceeds/donations going towards the running and upkeep of the retreat.


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We couldn’t ignore the fact that we are situated in a rural setting with huge alternative learning potential, so The Pinches Project was born. Our focus is on increasing Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem by connecting to the land through our local flora and fauna.

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[sh_heading title=”Our Volunteers” id=”volunteers”][sh_about img1=”458″ img2=”459″ title=”About our Volunteers” text=”Volunteers are the lifeblood to our success here at Pinches. The hard work they do in rejuvenating and preserving the retreat, hosting event, educating children and running the retreat is unparalleled in ensuring a legacy is left for the future. Without them, we would simply not be able to deliver the wonderful services that we provide.

We are always looking for volunteers who can spare an hour or so a week or commitment to support planned activities. Anyone can volunteer as we have a wide variety of opportunities and can usually match your interests regardless of background or experience.

Please contact us for further information.”]

[sh_heading title=”Friends of Pinches” text=”Our special thanks go to our Friends, Sponsors and Fundraisers. None of what we do would be possible without their help and guidance.
Some of our Friends are listed below: ” id=”sponsors”]
Forestry Commission
Judicium Education

If you wish to become a sponsor please contact: [email protected]

Gerpins Lane, Upminster, Essex, RM14 2XR

Contact: Carol
Mob: 07940 527498
Tel: 01708 526706
Email: [email protected]

Pinches Trust Registered Charity Number 1169298

Contact us by filling in the form below

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